A girl’s love for Horses

A girl’s love for Horses

A girl’s love for Horses

A girl’s love for Horses: A heartfelt Goodbye

Every day, morning or evening, the girl runs out of the caravan and dashes toward the pen to see her beloved horses. At first, I didn’t understand this friendship; I thought she just liked them. But as I watched her spend time with them, talk to them, and pet them, I began to see the depth of their bond. The way she looked at these horses, I understood – she just loves them.

You can see this love in the photos, captured on her face. That smile, that look, that touch – all radiate a profound affection for her equine friends. It’s a bond that’s hard to put into words but easy to feel when you’re around them.

Each morning, the scene would unfold with a predictable joy. The horses, sensing her approach, would perk up, their ears swiveling towards the familiar sound of her footsteps. She would call out to them, her voice filled with excitement and warmth. They would nicker in response, their eyes brightening at her presence.

Her touch was gentle but confident, running her hands along their sleek coats, brushing away the dust and tangles. She spoke to them softly, words of endearment and conversation that only they could truly understand. The horses, in turn, would nuzzle her, seeking more of her touch, more of her time. It was a beautiful dance of mutual affection and trust.

I’m sorry that we were with these horses for such a short time, but the holidays are over. As we pack up the caravan and prepare to leave, there’s a bittersweet feeling in the air. The girl lingers by the pen, giving one last hug to each of her friends, whispering promises of return.

We will come back to them again next summer. Until then, the memories of their time together will warm our hearts. Goodbye, horses. Thank you for the joy and love you’ve shared with us. We will see you again, with the same excitement and affection, next summer term.

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